Hi! I’m Julie. My husband and I grew up in Toronto and now live in a smaller town north of the city. We love spending the summer outdoors as much as we can and enjoy any chance to travel and explore. My dream one day is to have my own water view!

Always on a journey to find more happiness (clichés aside), I have noticed I am much more present when doing creative things. Every day I am trying to feed this creativity, that which makes me feel productive, inspired, and keeps my mind active. I’ve always loved making things beautiful and any opportunity to do so brings me to life. I love making tablescapes, doing DIY projects, arranging flowers, taking photos, organizing, and decorating.

Growing up I would try to decorate when we had company over. My mom would get out her fancy set of dishes and crystal and I would re-arrange things in the house & try to add some kind of table centerpiece. I was always picking flowers and trying to make the house look special.

When I had a house of my own I was excited to bring all of my decorating visions to life. Sometimes my ideas worked sometimes they didn’t, but I was always learning, sharpening my eye and developing a sense of style. I can’t wait to re-design rooms in my home with my new ideas!

Living in the Ornament is a way to share my creativity and celebrate what I truly love to do. I also believe creating special memories and putting a little more effort into the everyday are part of living a fulfilling life! By living with moments in mind I hope to enrich my everyday life and inspire others!