Why I love Tablescapes & a word (or two) on Decorating

I love to set a table. Ever since I was young it has been something I’ve looked forward to. This week I wanted to share a tablescape I had taken photos for last year and didn’t get posted. I started to think about why I love these little vignettes so much.

The copper, gold and pink color theme was fun to arrange for this little tea tablescape

Over the years I’ve collected odd pieces of china, serveware and vases, whether they had been found at antique stores, while travelling or had been handed down. If anything was too eccentric and colorful for every day I could always envision them as part of a great tablescape. I remember being given this really intricate orange and gold china plate that now I only bring out at Halloween. If I really like an item I know I can always work it into a theme.

While the thought of redecorating a large room or an entire house is daunting and can be expensive, I always find doing up a little tablescape can be a small way to satisfy any creative hankerings. You can decorate the table to be modern or traditional, rustic or feminine, or formal to informal. Your tablescape could be devoted to an era, themed for a special birthday, or have a unique color scheme, all while knowing the slate will be wiped clean for the next setting. With tablescapes my creative freedom can really be felt for a moment in time without committing to a style I wouldn’t want in my everyday space.

My powder room wouldn’t be metallic gold and deep purple (yes you heard right) if I had of channeled that particular wave of creativity into some sort of tablescape. Don’t get me wrong I loved it, I like anything different. I’m not a fan of homes that are void of personality. I’ve just learned the value of letting your accessories sing instead of walls, furniture and hardware. Its really a balance between neutral and calm and your unique perspective. In other words you need to be able to live with your choices for a long time while at the same time being able to quickly change it up when you get bored. As well, you can’t lose yourself to the perfect replication of some awe inspiring Sarah Richardson or Joanna Gaines photo. Your personal point of view is what will make you truly feel at home.

These Ikea napkins found their way into this ‘old,’ and ‘new,’ tablescape


Special tea cups were made to be mixed and matched. This one was a gift, its a pattern made specific for the Fairmont group of hotels in Canada


This milk and sugar set were my grandmothers and I had never found a way to use them. Copper has become so trendy, it goes to show everything always comes back in style!

Writing this post has got me thinking of my next creative table setting. My house desperately needs to be re-decorated, (think about that gold & purple powder!) but until then I hope doing a few tablescapes will hold me over!

Lv, Julie♥


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