Canada Day Brunch or Lunch Tablescape

Tomorrow Canada turns 150 years old! It’s been fun over the past few months seeing themed displays, décor and gift items in stores to commemorate this special event. I had never really decorated for Canada Day, I’ve just celebrated by going to a cottage, watching fireworks or having a simple BBQ for the long weekend. There were never any decorations beyond a few flags. This year more than anything I felt inspired to go all out and have fun and be festive.

I have a philosophy on tablescapes, decorating and planning for special occasions. The theme for my blog is to ‘enrich the everyday.’ I have always felt that setting a nice table and putting effort into special occasions makes for a more memorable experience. Simply put, living life to the fullest also means going the extra mile with creativity. The trend of minimalism looks amazing, clean and polished but you can go too far in stripping too much away. By ‘keeping it simple,’ it can also end up feeling incredibly void of personality. Placing a value on ambiance puts more importance on the event itself and always creates a fun and meaningful atmosphere.

On Canada Day it’s our 10 year anniversary. My husband and I have been married for 2 years and have known each other since we were teenagers but didn’t start dating until July 1st 2007. We’ve got some plans for that but will definitely head over to a community fireworks display for some Canada Day celebrations!

I thought it would be fun to put together a little mock tablescape as I was so inspired with all the excitement surrounding the 150th this year. I’ll use some of the elements on the day of but really just wanted to share in all of the excitement and show some ideas for a Canada Day brunch or lunch.

I’ve never bought Canada Day decorations so I checked out some party stores, grocery stores and dollar stores for inspiration. I started by finding a cute wood utensil box at Winners with a gold flag on the side which I knew could be used for years to come. I got a few more small things and decided to make my own garland. I mostly used things I already had in the right colors, putting together a table that was more what Canada was to me than all red and white.

Instead of using the plastic garlands I saw at most stores when out and about I decided to make a more sturdy paper garland that I could get multiple uses out of. I stumbled upon some Canadian flag playing cards and knew they would work. I simply glued two cards together, punched two holes and then strung them with some red and white bakers twine. I thought it was pretty inexpensive and quick for something with such a big impact.


The utensil container I found worked well for holding straws, water and a simple mason jar of wild flowers. When thinking of what Canada means to me, I’m reminded of my childhood cottage. Summers up in Carnarvon, Ontario on beautiful Lake Boshkung will forever be etched into my mind as the place that makes me feel most like myself and so proudly Canadian. The landscape in Ontario’s north is so unique to Canada that my mind always goes there..any cottage really… when thinking ‘Canadian.’ I always picked wildflowers for dinner every summer and still have the vase I used. It’s been glued back together but I will always treasure it for the memories. 


I love this Canada tray that I got last year from Indigo. You can still buy the navy version, check it out here.


I found a little maple leaf cookie cutter and used it to cut out some cute watermelon slices!

I also used my Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) napkins as there is not a fabric more quintessentially Canadian. They are the same stripes used on the famous HBC wool blanket used for over 200 year in homes across Canada and passed down generation by generation.

My wood chargers, place card holders and napkin rings really tied everything together for that Canadian cottage feeling.

I loved sharing this tablescape! It was so much fun to create I was on cloud nine through the whole process! I’m feeling patriotic and ready to share in the big day, I can’t wait to make decorating for Canada Day a new tradition!

Hope you have fun on Canada’s 150th birthday!

Lv, Julie♥

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