DIY Personalized Straw Bag

Last summer I set out to make my own personalized straw bag. I had seen so many amazing versions online. One store in particular, MISA Los Angeles had some really pretty straw bags where they would spray paint any name or word on the front, if under 6 characters. I thought since straw bags only last so long it would be fun to try to make one on my own, I also knew I could do it at a fraction of the price (especially with the Canadian dollar exchange). I will try my best to show how I put it all together but I made it before I started my blog so it’s hard to show exact step- by-step instructions. Find the link to my inspiration, the original bag here. Etsy has a lot of these bags as well with different trims and some hand-embroidered versions as well.



I found the bag on a website that ships right from Morocco, where they are handmade. When I bought it the price was lower, I think the popularity has gone up so I suggest purchasing a plain bag and adding a pom-pom trim to the top to dress it up or find a bag locally that is more cost effective. I will say they were a fabulous company to deal with and the bag was shipped very quick, they also have a variety of beautiful options and I liked how their bags had leather handles.

I found the exact pom-pom bag charm that was on the original bag at Shopbop Canada which you can find here. I will say again, the price on these too has gone up, I didn’t pay anywhere near what they are now, it must also be the dollar. I know if you hunt online there are cheaper versions on Etsy as well as fantastic online tutorials on how to make them on your own! I really want to try this in the future!

Making Your Own Personalized Straw Bag

STEP 1: Find a simple straw bag and add a trim to the top, or find one like I did below. I really liked that this one had leather straps!

STEP 2: Find a tassel-style bag charm or make your own from one of the many tutorials online

STEP 3: I used MS Word to print out my name to use as a template. My name is only 5 letters so you would really have to play with the font size and script that best suits you name and bag size. I made sure to set my margins to ‘narrow,’ and used the ‘Vladimir Script,’ font in bold and in size 600 pt.


My name had to be printed on 4 sheets of paper and I just pieced it together letter by letter once it was being traced on the bag.


STEP 4: I used nail scissors to cut out each letter. I keep a pair with my craft supplies for jobs like this. They are not meant for cutting paper, and this will dull them but their size and curved shape make them perfect for cutting out small areas such as these script letters


STEP 5: I don’t have photos of this step but I just folded the bag flat and used a washable crayola pink marker to trace the letters on. The name will turn out much bigger than the cut-out when marking them and then painting them so be mindful of this when choosing the font size. The marker was pretty faint but just visible enough to make out. I had to do a bit of freestyle painting in between the letters to connect them and fill in spots that didn’t paint well. I used basic acrylic paint and mixed a few colors together to get the tone I wanted. I painted 2 coats and let it dry thoroughly for 12 hours.

I can’t wait to use this bag in the summer, I hope to make another one soon in different colors and will use the same bag charm for both.

Thinking of the warm weather!

Lv, Julie♥

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  1. Beautiful straw bag and excellent to pass on the ideas for your name to be painted on.
    Always nice to have a summer bag to use and it looks so colourful, goes with summer colours.

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