Weekend Avocado English Muffins & Poaching Problems

By now most people have tried avocado toast, a new breakfast staple. So many versions of this recipe exist online but I wanted to show my version with eggs and a bit about my struggles with poaching eggs. I’ve been making this as a weekend breakfast on and off for a few months and it really makes me think, what did people do before avocado toast?

Poaching Eggs

Story time…my first foray into poaching eggs didn’t go so well. I set out to make restaurant quality poached eggs, the kind you would see on Eggs Benedict that you might have while out for a nice brunch. They are always pure white with a velvety matte exterior, perfectly oval in shape, looking fresh as could be. They also taste better than fried or scrambled eggs as they have so much moisture from the water. ‘No problem,’ I thought. If I researched and watched a few you tube videos how hard could it be? I got out my pan, boiled my water, used vinegar in the ‘swirling method,’ and popped the egg in. What happened next could only be described as an unsavory invention-watery egg soup! I watched sadly as the egg swirled around, fell apart and decided it no longer wanted to be an egg.

All is not lost, things started to look up when I found silicone poachers at Homesense and gave them a whirl. They are not the perfect solution, if you don’t have the right level of water and temperature they too can turn into a bit of a mess and spill out. I’ve figured out how to use them and now have a great way to poach eggs. They do look a bit like flying saucers and their silhouette is no where near ‘natural,’ but I’ve grown to accept their appearance as they taste great! I will leave the perfectly poached restaurant eggs to the experts, it creates something to look forward to whenever I get a chance to ‘brunch.’

Line them with a bit of coconut oil so the eggs slide out easy


Poaching eggs using silicone poachers such as these is easy once you have the right level of water. You will get water in the eggs from the steam but you don’t want them to be completely water-logged (I’ve had to throw out a batch). Its important to cover the pan (leave lid a bit ajar) with the lid to allow them to poach properly.

Experiment with your pan to find the right water level!


When I can find them, I use ‘Food for Life,’ Ezekiel sprouted grain English muffins. I have been learning all about sprouted grains and love all of the health benefits. Sprouted grain breads use the whole grain that has germinated, it is in fact ‘alive,’ as you are eating it. There are so many benefits to this type of bread that it’s worth looking into the two articles I read here and here.


Weekend Avocado English Muffins


whole wheat english muffins

coconut oil

4 eggs

1 small avocado

1/2 lemon, juiced

pinch cinnamon

pinch red chili flakes

salt & pepper to taste


1.) Poach 4 eggs

2.) Mash the avocado, add lemon juice, cinnamon and a little salt and pepper

2.) Toast the English muffin

4.) Top each muffin half with the avocado mixture, add an egg to each half, sprinkle with freshly ground salt, pepper and red chili flakes

*Recipe is for 4 english muffin halves


Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Lv, Julie♥

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1 thought on “Weekend Avocado English Muffins & Poaching Problems

  1. Certainly want to try these out they look amazing and nice for a special breakfast on the weekend. Yes avocados are delicious and good for us to eat. Glad you mentioned about the poaching of eggs as it never has been an easy cooking experience for me.

    Thanks again for sharing the recipe.

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