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A few months ago I redid a gallery wall in our front entryway and I wanted to share! The old wall had the same layout but needed a serious refresh. The original had some of my hand paintings from four years ago and although those seemed like a great idea at the time-let’s just say there are times I should have put my artists brush away!

I used a few of the existing prints and got a few new prints and frames for Christmas. I also printed a few wedding photos and used the map from my wedding invitation in a frame. I really didn’t know how it would turn out until I saw it all together and was so glad it worked out! The theme is travel and the outdoors (not planned) and I tried to keep the colors in the same palette.

In 2012 when we moved from a very old smaller house to a newly constructed much larger home I was pretty excited to decorate. In retrospect I was so excited that I may have gotten carried away stuffing every design idea I’d ever had in my life, into one space! Basically every room has a different color and there’s a lack of flow from room to room. I will never give up on color, no trend would ever make me deviate from that and I’m not a person who could feel comfortable in a stark white or all neutral space. In saying that, I have learned that with more muted tones, my pops of color can really take center stage. In 4 years my palette has calmed down (hard to believe with these shots) and through much trial and error I have a better sense of what I really like. It will take time to redo the whole house but room by room I hope to make little changes over time with my new vision in mind.

In our old house I stored a lot of acquired antique furniture in the garage knowing one day I would be able to put it into use in a larger home. That was part of the excitement, this furniture sat unused for so many years! After we had settled into our new house I looked to Pantone’s color of the year ‘emerald,’ to paint a few Muskoka chairs for our front porch and the really cool storage cabinet seen here in the front entrance way. It was a bold color then but still speaks to me now, I love a punch of color and am obsessed with green so no changes here! This cabinet came out of my cousin’s garage and was built to store nails, nuts & bolts & etc. I love all the little drawers and we use each one in the top row for a different storage use. It’s great when we need a flashlight, battery or extension cord, we know exactly where to go.


Once I had all the new prints, photos and frames ready I set out to redo my gallery wall. I laid a blanket on my dining room table and just stared to play with the different configurations. I kept it pretty much the same as the old layout with the circular gold mirror in the middle but really had to switch up all the frames to get the best balance of light and dark prints, size and frame color.


With the new layout of prints there were quite a few of the old nail holes to putty and paint. A challenge to the project began the moment it occurred to me, that on a whim I had mixed my own small batch of paint for the wall four years ago! It all came back to me that I had mixed some white primer with a touch of the emerald green to create a feature wall color. Little did I remember I had used the whole amount of mixed paint! It wasn’t fun testing small batches of paint on the wall one day until I got close to the original. At first I thought it would be a quick fix as I had the original base paints. The batches all looked close until they got on the wall and dried! I kept mixing and mixing. Wishful thinking and lesson learned! I never want to do that again!


To decorate I kept the existing lamp and trays. I added a cute brass deer I found at an antique shop, and a wedding photo. The large amethyst is special as it is from a memorable road trip we took across Canada. We bought it just outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario, an area known for it’s amethyst since the 19th century. I love buying souvenirs such as this, that I can use in my home that are unique to a certain area.


It was fun to start my redecorating in such a small area that was manageable and had a big impact. My favorite time to look at this space is on a weekend morning, coming downstairs for my coffee. The light is usually pouring in and it just looks so alive and happy!

Lv, Julie♥

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