Our Wedding: Indoor Details

This week I’m continuing with my wedding theme that I have been sharing this past month! I am writing about all of the ideas and decor from the inside reception area of my wedding!

When thinking of a guest book I wanted something unique. Most people are finding alternatives to using a book as they typically just sit on a shelf and aren’t as likely to be looked at as the wedding photo album. Since I like my tablescapes so much I thought of doing a table runner so that I could use it on an anniversary and reflect back on the day. I also remembered my grandma’s friend having a beautiful tablecloth she used from a club they all belonged to. I will never forget seeing it, all members signed the tablecloth in pen and one woman back stitched over the names in embroidery thread. I always loved how it looked and thought the idea was so unique! I found a white table runner and researched how to stiffen it so that it wouldn’t bunch when people were writing. I ended up using a method where you iron on freezer paper to the back and it worked great. I made sure to put our names and wedding date in the middle in larger lettering so that people knew they really could write anywhere, that we had already included those details. I had my mom and a few family members write their well wishes the morning of, so that people would see exactly what to do, and not be afraid to go for it and write on the fabric! It turned out amazing and is a real keepsake for years to come.


For our card box, I bought a wooden box at BHLDN. It wasn’t too big and had a key shaped opening at the top which looked cute. I decorated it a bit with ribbon and pom-pom trim. Its a great size to store all of the shower and wedding cards in it as a keepsake.


We had a candy station at the wedding and it was fun to stick to the color theme with all of the decor and candy. I made some bunting for the table in the same seersucker fabric used to wrap the favors and make the ring bearer pillows.



To honor our grandparents that were not at our wedding we displayed their photos on a table in the venue. Looking at them before and during the wedding brought back so many great memories.


Here is a close up of our table centerpieces. I wanted lots of color and went to a flower wholesaler to look around and get ideas. I really suggest this as it gives you a sense of what you like from seeing a broad range of color and variety. A flower shop cannot hold a wide inventory and they stock typically what they know can fill their orders for the week. Its important to be looking not only for flowers but for the filler flowers and greenery that can make any floral choice fit a particular theme. I fell in love with the garden roses used throughout the wedding when I first saw them. For the arrangement our florist used Sarah Bernhardt peonies, O’Hara garden roses, coolwater and lavender roses, queen anne’s lace, pink rice flower, peach hypericum berries and boston fern.


For the menus I really liked the idea of printing them on a round piece of card stock, this is a more expensive option, so I set out to make them on my own. I researched many ways to get the size needed for underneath the rented charger plates. I tried to finding a circle cutter, pre-cut card-stock and even considered hand-cutting them all on my own. I was lucky a family contact who worked for a publisher was able to print them for us as a favor. This made for a really nice touch as the guests could refer to it throughout the night and see what they were being served next!


We decided to fold our napkins so I wanted a little accent to go on top. I had been thinking of using rough-cut crystals to continue the enchanted forest theme and thought this was a perfect tie-in. I set out to find them in our colors and went to a rock wholesaler just outside of Toronto called Stonebridge Imports. I found these which are green calcite and included rose quartz stones on every other seat to fit in with the color scheme.


My table numbers were a nod to a terrarium in a little cloche. I made them on antique plates and used moss, lichen, crystals and little details to make it look like a miniature forest. I made miniature Ontario road signs that had names of the lakes that are special to us as a couple or in our family. I sourced stick on numbers online and tied a bow at the top. These were definitely a bit different but I really was thinking about my childhood cottage here and it was just a whimsical element that I enjoyed making.


For my favors I had always envisioned having tree saplings. I found Pineneedle Farms, who specialize in these little trees for weddings. I decided to get them with just a cellophane wrap at the bottom so I could decorate them myself. I wrapped them in green, pink and purple seersucker fabric and tied them with corresponding bakers twine. I made a little tag and put a little thank-you on one side and care instructions on the other. 


In writing this post I’m reflecting on how much work went into these little details and how many people helped to make it come together. The planning was such a creative process and I really enjoyed the design and crafting elements.

Next up I’ll be sharing some of the ‘outdoor,’ details!

Lv, Julie♥


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2 thoughts on “Our Wedding: Indoor Details

  1. Excellent details of the wedding decorations. Finding and locating all the items was a joy and was time well spent.
    The colors chosen were favorites so it was fun selecting all the wedding items. Choosing flowers was a unique process, the smell of the garden roses were an exquisite fragrance to the bouquets and the arrangements on the tables. The beautiful fillers in arrangements were all different and gave an airy look on the tables. All the ideas were well planned!

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