Valentines Tablescape & Why I Love Setting a Nice Table

This year we decided to stay in on Valentine’s Day and cook a nice dinner together. We’ve decided to wait to celebrate on the weekend so we have more time! In the spirit of the 14th I’ve put together a Valentines Day tablescape so it is ready in advance, allowing me to be a bit more creative with it. I wrote more about tablescapes in another post which you can read here.

I’ve always heard of people getting special dishes when they get married but hardly using them or ending up not liking the pattern they chose. I get it!  It’s a lot more work to drag them out, wash them by hand and put them away properly, not to mention the fear of breaking these expensive pieces. The special dishes I have are definitely not dishwasher safe and get stored between felt disks in special zip-up containers. They are not exactly easy to just ‘whip out.’ However, I really enjoy and value the tradition of using them at least 2-3 times a year as part of a special table setting. My blog tagline is “enriching everyday life,” and to me, putting more effort into special occasions is part of a well-balanced and rich life. Memories are created when you set aside time to spend together and are more vivid when you put creativity and work into really making that time different than your every day routines.

My mom works for a charity and these roses are from their annual event, The Great Valentine Gala. I enjoyed volunteering this past weekend and got to bring these beautiful flowers home!

Setting a beautiful table can be done inexpensively when you think outside of the box. When I look back at old photos I love to remember what I was thinking ‘creatively,’ when I set a table (some of my ideas have been ‘hit,’ or ‘miss,’ so it can be funny) . In some photos there were definite budget concerns. I have photos where a houseplant was my centerpiece or when in the summer a few wildflowers were picked and thrown into a water glass. Budgets can really allow for more creativity and a more unique result, just out of necessity.

It has taken me a long time to collect all of my china and crystal and I try to take good care of them. My first sets of china (Royal Doulton ‘Harlow’) were bought by my mom when I graduated University. This is an odd graduation gift for some but china is something we both love. Her aunt started her on her set when she was younger and she wanted to continue the tradition. Slowly over time she would give me a place setting or a few pieces to keep adding to the set. I really value the idea that the collection formed slowly as part of a long family tradition. I remember picking them out when I was in my early 20’s and knew then, that I should choose something traditional not trendy. I am happy I somehow had that figured out.

I love the creative process of setting a themed table! The right atmosphere is just as important as the dinner!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Lv, Julie ♥

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3 thoughts on “Valentines Tablescape & Why I Love Setting a Nice Table

  1. Julie you certainly have a flare for table setting. I too have always enjoyed fine china. As a grandmother now I will often get out the China to make the day a special occasion for the kids.
    I have Wedgwood argyle pattern. Now out of stock but have used for 40 years. It has a gold trim and I put them in the dishwasher with no harm to the dishes. It is very important to me to enjoy my company. Instead of washing in the kitchen.
    Keep up your good work and I look forward to reading more.

    1. So happy you visited! Yes you need to enjoy your guests! I like how my mom preps so far in advance that she isn’t cooking when guests are there, I need to find more recipes like that! For the dishes I stack all ‘wash by hand,’ in a corner on the counter and do those items after everyone leaves (if I haven’t had too much wine, admittedly a few times it has been the next day!), I love china and have fun with decorating tables.

  2. Wow! What a beautiful tablescape . Those flowers are stunning, I’m a big fan of china I have a huge collection of Royal Doulton at home that I always take out on special occasions.

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