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Last week I started to share details about the decor from my wedding. Its fun to share my ideas as so many people online inspired my ideas when it was time to think about the big day. I can picture so many brides right now scurrying around finding just the right decor accents and ideas for upcoming spring and summer weddings. I’ve been there! Although it can be stressful, I really enjoyed the planning as a creative process. You can read all about the decor inspiration for my 2015 wedding here.

Today I wanted to share my DIY wedding seating chart! I had seen similar versions on Pinterest at the time and loved how unique they were. This seating chart was made mostly of antique finds. We had our reception in a historic space that was built in 1911, using some antiques seemed fitting! 

We found the frame at an Antique Mall (Roadshow Antiques North if you live near Toronto), and it was an old wood frame that used to have a mirror. It was very heavy and may have been attached to a dresser or vanity table at some point. The size was perfect and since it was in need of some TLC we got it at the bargain price of $30. I didn’t feel bad painting it as the wood was pretty damaged. In the back there were a few areas we tightened up to make it square again. I wish I had a photo of the before but here is a close up of some of the pretty detailing, spray painted gold!


First we cut a piece of plywood to fit the opening. I ordered some fabric online and measured a piece of cotton batten to go under it so it had a bit of cushion. We then stapled the fabric to the plywood evenly. I chose a pink and white toile in an upholstery grade so that it was less likely to fray when the nails went in for the plate hooks. 


Once it was all assembled I started collecting plates. I wanted lunch sized plates with a gold rim or a scalloped edge so that when the seating chart cards were attached there was a bit of detailing. I used a few of my own, borrowed a few from my mom and picked up some inexpensive ones at a local antique shop. I bought plate hooks online in small and medium sizes so that I had a variety. Antique plates can change in size from a typical lunch or dinner size up or down depending on the pattern and age. I used a small bread and butter plate for my husband and I as we sat at a sweetheart table. We liked the idea that our bridal party could sit with their significant others.

Once we had a final number of who was attending we assembled it all a week before. I laid out all the plates and played around with them until they fit as best as possible. We measured and attached picture hangers in the right spots all along to hold the plate hooks. Each plate represented a round table at the venue. I created card stock circle cut-outs with everyone’s names. At the venue we attached these cards with foam circular stickers (see the very first photo). We used a substantial easel that my mom had at work as the whole seating chart with plates was very heavy.

I really loved my seating chart, it was unique, fit my theme and looked at home in its historical surroundings. I had never thought of what I would do with it afterwards! I took all the plates off and it is waiting in the basement for a special future project! I know this item can be re-purposed, something will eventually come to me, its just not an item I would get rid of!

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2 thoughts on “Our Wedding … DIY Seating Chart

  1. Wonderful idea for the seating chart which you creatively designed and it was truly an art piece for the wedding day.

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