Our Wedding …DIY Swatches to Help Communicate Color

This on-the-go color kit was so helpful & went everywhere with me during the planning process!

When I got married I had a real vision. It was unique and I really didn’t have too much to compare it to except some great inspiration photos on Pinterest. I knew so much of it had to be made by hand because the elements I wanted to include either didn’t exist or existed in the wrong color. This gave me the chance to make personalized items at a price that didn’t break the bank. I started 1 1/2 years before getting married, slowly sourcing materials and working away at all of these items. I’m going to do some wedding décor posts throughout the next few months of my DIY items and other elements that I found to complete my vision.

I got married on July 4th, 2015. It was an outdoor ceremony overlooking Lake Ontario. We were so lucky with great weather, it wasn’t too hot, just a warm 24 degrees Celsius with a cool breeze from the lake! The whole ceremony was shaded by huge mature trees creating a day made for an outdoor wedding. It was filled with so many fond memories and the planning of it all was just as amazing as the day of.

My vision is tricky to put into words but I will try! It was sort of an enchanted forest meets whimsical garden theme all with classic traditional elements. I wanted to include so many natural elements while keeping everything on the formal side because we were in a historic building. The natural elements were woodland themed that stuck to a color palette of pink, green, purple and gold. Using rough cut gemstones and crystals in the wedding colors brought in a natural element in an unexpected way. I had moss, faux mushrooms, and fresh flowers with ferns in keeping with the theme.  I used lots of mercury glass from candle holders, pew arrangement vases and the vases on the table. I really liked the seersucker fabric I sourced in pastel colors that I used throughout, from the ring bearer’s bow ties to the candy station bunting. This was a nod to being near the water. I used this same fabric to wrap our Balsam Fir tree sapling favors.

The vision sort of just came to me and it wasn’t the most straightforward to execute. I could be accused of having too many ideas jumbled into one but I just went for it, the fun for me was to really use my creativity. I love the outdoors, while always having envisioned using my favorite colors which could easily be stereotyped as feminine. At the time I got married people were using tons of whites with hints of blush and gold, which is a gorgeous look but in the end I had to stay true to myself, and not think too much about what was trendy and dial up the color.

To begin, I got thinking about the challenge of communicating my color choices to vendors. Most brides only have one or two colors for their special day and can carry around their bridesmaid’s dress swatch or easily explain their colors. Seeing that I had four colors that were pretty specific, I knew sharing my palette might be difficult. If I were to say pink, green, purple and gold I could imagine what hues each person could conjure up. Instead of the warmer hues of these colors in a pastel tone as I’d envisioned a person may also think of hot pink, lime green or a blueish purple. I knew I had to create a visual to quickly show the direction I was going in. I also wanted to be able to see them together for myself so that I knew it worked. I came up with an awesome idea! I decided to head to our local Home Depot and get paint chips and craft a few little color sample kits that I could throw in my purse!

Checking out linen colors at the the rental showroom

I really loved having this throughout the planning process. I made multiple kits so my mom could have one in her purse and if she saw something at a store she could reference it.  I laugh at myself now that I actually gave these little kits to a few vendors who possibly thought I was nuts. Every bride is allowed those moments where you morph from normal to obsessed! Truth be told, it’s an immense amount of pressure and trying to get what’s in your brain out and communicated properly can sometimes be difficult. Having a visual aide helps. I do think it helped my cake decorator the most as the layers of my cake were almost exactly the color of my paint chips!

In addition to paint chips, I used a scrapbook page so that I could include gold in the color kit                                       


First I trimmed the samples with a scrapbooking cutter


What doesn’t look cuter than a little rounded corner!


I hole-punched each paint chip and found these plastic rings in the same section at Home Depot!


Having my colors accessible helped me when I was shopping around for ribbon, invitation stationary, flowers, signage colors and so much more. Reflecting on the planning process, I’m glad I put the effort into making these color kits, they were invaluable!

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2 thoughts on “Our Wedding …DIY Swatches to Help Communicate Color

  1. This was such a smart idea, you can use this for any occasion I’m going to do a real interesting theme for my craft room and this will really help with my creativity!

  2. Nice to read about all the wedding ideas you had and how in the wedding pictures it totallly worked for the venders.
    For me fabulous memories each idea came to reality and made the wedding perfect.

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