Christmas Eve Tablescape

This year I’m having some family over for Christmas Eve and decided to get the table set on Thursday night. I like to get it done beforehand so I can have time to be creative and spend the days before, grocery shopping and working on the meal prep. My mom has always set the table in advance as well, so I’ve learned from her it makes the day of, that much easier!

I used a lot of white with touches of red and gold. I only have 4 beaded chargers so at the other end of the table I mixed in some gold plastic chargers which worked out just fine. I got the Christmas crackers last year on boxing day and was happy they worked well into the color scheme. I used my grandma’s ‘art deco,’ flatware. I am pretty much in love with this set, the pattern is ‘Deauville,’ by ‘Community Plate.’ Pieces can still be purchased online at Replacements Inc, an amazing online china shop that specializes in discontinued patterns. Click here to check it out, you can find so many interesting patterns here for a great price!

I picked up some mini roses at my local grocery store and couldn’t find any Christmas greens this late in the holiday season. I remembered we had a few boughs from our Christmas tree in our backyard waiting to go into a yard waste bag so I used those which worked out great! Check it out below!




For the napkin rings I headed over to the dollar store and grabbed some decorations with bells on them and some nice gold trimming that I used as ribbon. I took the bells off and glue-gunned their attached ribbons into loops. I was able to make an affordable, festive and unique accent for the plain white napkins!


Now that the table is ready I need to get to work on the rest! I’ve prepped by washing & cutting my veggies and trimming any herbs I am using. I also baked the dessert and covered it up to finish tomorrow. I did up a trivia game which included questions about each guests’ interests. I know they will find it pretty funny when the others try to figure them out! This provides people with something fun to do while I’m in the kitchen! Now I’m just thinking through the timing of my recipes for tomorrow. I’m trying new recipes so I need to be more organized than normal to execute them and am crossing my fingers there are no major disasters!

Excited for tomorrow, hope you all have a fantastic Christmas Eve!

Lv, Julie ♥


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Tablescape

  1. I’m back after a long Christmas break. I really love these tablescape ideas! You used the pine from your Christmas tree! What a great way to use what you have around the house instead of buying it!

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