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I thought it would be fun to make up a few gift lists this year! A link to the first product collage I made for my blog with Photoshop Elements can be found here. I get great ideas from the lists that bloggers and TV personalities put out each year online and knew it would be so much fun to put a few together myself! I really enjoy the process! These two gift lists comprise of a few things my husband and I already have as well as items I have seen online or out and about! They are all items that I think would make great gifts this holiday season! Not all of the gifts are necessarily new items that are popular for 2016 some are just classic items that I think are great and are tested and true!

Gift Ideas for Her

  1. Teavana Matcha Tea –I really want to try this tea. In researching matcha tea, I have come to discover researchers have found lead in some varieties. You can read the article I found here. This particular brand has been tested!
  2. Sorel Out & About Leather Duckboot –I like this version of the classic Sorel boot. I have the proper winter boots but these look to be light weight and would be great for running around doing errands on days where there isn’t too much snow on the ground.
  3. Tarte Maracuja Oil –I have used this for years and find it especially good for my dry skin in the winter!
  4. Le Creuset Rustic Mug –This has always been my favourite mug, to me the size and shape makes it my ‘all-time classic,’ coffee mug. They come in so many colors, its fun to mix and match!
  5. The Magnolia Stories– I love Chip & Joanna Gaines! Their renovation and design show ‘Fixer Upper,’ is amazing. I was instantly hooked but when my husband witnessed Chip Gaines’ ridiculous antics on ‘demo day,’ he got into it too. It’s a show everyone can enjoy. I can’t wait to read their book!
  6. Rebecca Minkoff Initial Fur Bag Charm –I spotted these one day at Nordstrom and couldn’t get over the cuteness. If I had one, I might use it on a grey handbag for the winter or just use it for a summer bag, they do have other colors though!
  7. Popski Fur Pom Pom Hat –It’s easy to find a black or white fur pom-pom hat anywhere but Popski offers them in so many unique colors and styles!
  8. Lush Sakura Bath Bomb –These are great gifts for those people who love their baths! I would love to learn how to make these at home!
  9. Ugg Fluff Flip Flop –I have had 2 pairs of these slippers in the past 3 years and really love them! Your feet don’t get too hot because of the style, yet the fur keeps you warm!
  10. S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle –These bottles come in so many colors and really do keep the temperature of a liquid warm or cold throughout the day.

Gift Ideas for Him

  1. Tiffany Collar Stays –My husband is always losing the plastic ones and finds they get bent, these really make a shirt collar look polished.
  2. HappySocks –They do what they say and make the people who wear them and those who notice, happy!
  3. 99: Stories of the Game –This is a great book for any hockey lover, with 99 short stories Wayne loves about players and their lives.
  4. RCAF Cap –For guys interested in aviation, this hat is part of the RCAF heritage collection and a portion of the sale supports veterans. The site ‘Red Canoe,’ has so many great gift ideas for those who enjoy historic Canadian logos.
  5. Ray-Ban Wayfarers –Sunglasses that always look good on everyone!
  6. iTunes Gift Card –Access to any number of songs, TV shows & movies available on iTunes.
  7. Lauren Green Tie –My husband wears ties every day and I have an obsession with finding new ones. I always find a few holes in his collection so I have an excuse to go on a hunt for new ones. Wool fabrics in solid colors are a good winter staple. He doesn’t have a deep forest green, so it’s on the list!
  8. Sonos Wireless Speaker –Every guy loves something electronic!
  9. Quebec Nordiques T-shirt –A cool t-shirt with a vintage logo that represents a beloved Canadian hockey team.
  10. French-Cuff Shirt –A staple shirt in any guy’s wardrobe and an excuse to collect unique cufflinks!

I do quite a bit of my shopping online these days but always enjoy grabbing a Starbucks and heading out to smaller shops and stores to find unique gifts. There is something about the music and beautiful store displays that makes holiday shopping an experience! I have always daydreamed that the song “Downtown,” by Petula Clark will start playing and some snow will start falling, creating a magical holiday shopping experience (LOL) but that’s yet to happen! I hope you have fun holiday shopping!

Lv, Julie ♥


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1 thought on “Holiday Gift Ideas

  1. Great list for guys, always hard to shop for them.
    Good variety of price range and ideas. Wayne Gretzky book sounds good for any age even younger aspiring NHL’ers.
    Thanks for the gift suggestions, and your own feedback on the trendy teas.

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