Ornament Wish List 2016

I’m so excited to do my first product collage! As a brand new, 2-month-old blogger I am new to the technical side of the blogging world. I am really proud of myself for diving in and have a new respect for all of the work bloggers put in to launching and evolving their websites. In learning the ropes I have leaned on all of the valuable online blogging advice available.

Designing this collage was out of my wheelhouse, but I really enjoy looking at them on blogs so I had a ‘bee in my bonnet,’ to figure it out. I have the idea that if I’m going to blog I really want to try everything technical right away just to find out what I enjoy and what I am able to do on my own.

I first tried several free software programs to guide me in this process but none could create the effect I wanted. In the end I downloaded Photoshop Elements to give it a whirl. I am sooooo in love with it!

I found an amazing post online with step-by-step instructions by Southern Curls and Pearls. This guide not only helped me create my very first collage but it did so while making it straightforward and providing helpful tips and tricks along the way.

My first collage takes after my blog’s namesake, it’s my favorite ornaments of 2016. If you were to step into my basement and see my ornament collection you would know, I have no business buying anymore! I just fall in love with their cuteness and sparkle every time. This year I have a really, really good excuse to buy one or two more. Last year, sadly our tree came crashing down, it fell one night just as we were going to bed and we had finished decorating it! I will never forget the sound, my husband and I heard a huge crash downstairs. I looked at him and knew…it must be the tree! We always buy fresh trees, I love the smell and the look of a real tree. I always knew it was never fun to get it up, stabilizing it always took some engineering, no matter how expensive or sturdy the stand. I remember my husband went running downstairs first and quickly advised me not to follow. He knew if I saw what he had I would be even more devastated. Water, glass shattered and lights were everywhere. Funnily enough the tree still had lots of ornaments because of my collection…but I still feel like I can buy one or two ornaments this year! We still have yet to buy that artificial tree though!

Here is the wish list of ornaments I have my eye on this season!


  1.  Indigo – Glitterville Teepee Ornament
  2.  Indigo – Glitterville Paddle Ornament
  3.  Target Layered Gold Leaf Ball
  4.  Anthropologie Twinkling Toadstool Ornament
  5.  Indigo – Glitterville Tent Ornament –This would be perfect for someone who likes to go “glamping!”
  6.  Bronner’s Personalized Star Swirl Ornament –My mom buys these personalized ornaments for everyone online, they are such an amazing gift!
  7.  Target Glitter Pinecone Ornaments

I just love how whimsical and happy these ornaments are. There is a nod to a woodland theme but with the fun of lots and lots of sparkle and in pastel, gold & copper tones. I can’t part ways with my remaining collection of multi-colored ornaments any time soon, so many of them are sentimental. If I was starting out fresh I would do a tree in this theme and color for sure! I would do mostly white lights and put in a few strands of pink lights as I have always loved lights with color. The picture in my mind is so beautiful!

Happy decorating, I loved sharing my obsession for holiday ornaments with you!

Lv, Julie ♥


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1 thought on “Ornament Wish List 2016

  1. Really a unique and truly excellent theme as so many people I am sure have the tree fall at one time in their lives. Also talking about ornaments and ideas and liking certain ones. At our UCW on Tuesday we are taking our favorite Christmas ornament to share why we like it so much whether it is sentimental or where we purchased it. I enjoy buying a new ornament from a special place where I have travelled and then when I pull it out of the box each year to decorate the tree, reminisce about the day I bought it and the memory.

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