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I really believe nothing replaces the beauty of fresh flowers in a home. Since I can remember I have always been obsessed with flowers. I haven’t met too many flowers I didn’t like. I could even get behind a bird of paradise in the right setting. I can remember growing up always picking wild black-eyed susans and daises at the cottage, and roses from my grandma’s garden. I’d put them in a little vase and set them out for dinner. I spent 15 years working in flower shops throughout high school and university. I got to see so many varieties of flowers, greenery and plants. I saw them in all colors and grade levels. These years made me appreciate flowers in so many ways. I was so excited when the delivery truck would arrive and I could see what was ordered. I always was interested when something unique came in that I had not seen before.

When I was 15 I got my first part time job at a flower shop. I worked at many throughout the years including the floral department of a large grocery store (where I met my future husband). I remember at one shop there was a man that would come in every week and spend $50 on flowers. He said “my wife and I don’t drink or go out too much, instead every week we buy fresh flowers.” That always stuck with me. He was making the claim that they loved having fresh flowers in the house as part of their lifestyle but also that he had made sure to budget or justify the cost in some way. I knew that one day when I had a steady job I would love to have fresh flowers in the house too. Its just an investment in an instant “perk-me-up.”

Since being with my husband he always gives me flowers on my birthday, valentines and our anniversary.  Every now and then he has brought home a bunch of flowers “just because.” Those are the best ones! Yes I am lucky! He knows I have loved flowers all of my life that it will put an instant smile on my face-especially if I’ve had a hard day.

I start by putting them in a tall vase and then after a few days cut them down short and put them in a few smaller vases. You have to have fun with it, I usually pick flowers based on what looks the freshest but always consider the time of year. Nothing replaces red roses at Christmas with pine, cedar or fir greenery. In the summer, mixed colorful bunches with a sunflower or two are vibrant enough to compete with the lush gardening happening everywhere outside. In the fall using burnt colors and dried grasses, branches and berries create a nice rustic look. Other times of the year I like to do a monochromatic look, buying a dozen of the best looking roses always works. I always get cost effective flowers at the grocery store but for special occasions nothing beats the quality found at your local flower shop or those found at higher-end grocery stores.

I have a little tradition to take a photo of any of the flowers I buy or receive, its fun to have a memory of all of them to look back on! These are some of my favorites!


Birthday Flowers on Vacation
Birthday Flowers on Vacation

We went to Europe for our Honeymoon and happened to be in Austria on my birthday. That was a birthday to remember for sure! These flowers are some of the most special I’ve ever had because my husband surprised me and left the hotel, went across the street to a little mall and bought a vase and roses. It was thoughtful to keep up the tradition of flowers on my birthday even when we were away from home. And… yes I do thank every day I have such an amazing husband!


First Wedding Anniversary
First Wedding Anniversary

This year on our first wedding anniversary we went to dinner at a local resort. My husband had just had a work conference there and discovered they had this tiny private dining room. Since our anniversary was on a Tuesday we were able to book it. I thought it would be fun to take the first tier of our wedding cake so we could have something nice to look at on the table and have a piece after our dinner. With this idea in mind I decided to be a bit bold. I thought I could really have that feel of our wedding if I cut some flowers and put them in a vase from my wedding. I put aside the strange feeling of bringing all these things into the restaurant and went with it. I’m so happy I put in that extra effort, it made for a more memorable evening. I really personalized that little room!


Christmas Table Arrangement
Christmas Table Arrangement

I remember making this arrangement, It was a modern take on the classic “long & low,” arrangement we always made at the flower shop for table centerpieces at Christmas.


After our wedding we took home so many beautiful flowers. We decided not to go on our honeymoon until 3 weeks later so it was nice to enjoy them all. I have never had so many gorgeous flowers in my house all at once. I knew I would probably never have this chance again so I made a point to set them up and make a special dinner so that we could have some nice photos and a nice memory. On the last photo I put out our wedding table number and vow books and it was like we had another little wedding dinner afterwards. I just thrive on finding opportunities in life to enhance a moment and take memory making to the next level.

It was fun to share my love of having fresh flowers at home. I took a walk down memory lane while writing this and really reflected on how flowers can make a special time in your life all the more beautiful.

Lv, Julie ♥

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